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Kingdom Living knows Drama

This Page Will be Updated Weekly.....Keep the faith and watch how this short story plays out


Please enjoy dramatic short stories that deals with real issues. Know that we struggle with every day trials however we must learn to trust God.  In John 16:33 God States "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."....So be not conformed of the world but informed that His mercy and grace are there to protect us



Where do Broken Hearts Go?

Synopsis ; A young lady tries to cope with death of a loved one.

 Sonya- main character who lost her husband

Mike-  Sonya's older brother

Mother- Sonya's mother

Mrs Brown- Sonya's neighbor



 ACT 1

The phone rings, Sonya answers after coming from her husband's furneral



Sonya- Hello 


Mike -Hey sis you okay? why did you leave early?


Sonya-are you kidding me, I had to leave I coildnt take it no more, everybody is talking bout it will be alright, I aint trying to hear that, and i definitely not trying to listen to some preacher tell me to let it go


uh uh im done with God!


Mike- Sonya!...are you listening to yourself we were raised in church, your just upset


Sonya- yes i'm upset upset with God I have to go


Mike- Sonya you dont mean what your saying i will call you and check on you later sis I love you.


Sonya- I'm fine Mike, dont do me any favors bye!



Sonya removes her clothing and puts on something more comfortable and flops in front of the television, flicking to channels, she notices alot of christian broadcast shows..she mumbles to herself



Sonya- all these shows talking bout God hers your prayers


she shakes her head and begins to flick the channels again and the phone rings



Sonya- Hello


Mother- Hey baby, just called to check on ya, mike said you sounded upset,  Sonya you left you own husband furneral early, we are praying for you, you are strong baby just let it go, he is in a better place


Sonya- mom i dont mean any disrespect but i am 5 months pregnant, a motrgage bill and jobless with no husband...WELL CAN HE FIX THAT?...good bye


Sonya hangs up the phone.... her door bell rings...its her neighbor, the elderly lady that keeps insisting that Sonya's late was her handy man, what could she possibly want?


Mrs. Brown bangs on the door and yells out


Mrs. Brown-  Sonya are you there, I just saw you pull in earlier, I have something for you honey.


Sonya sucks her teeth and rolls her eyes and lets out a long sigh....She gets up slowly, thats the last thing she wanted was company.


Sonya....(mumbles to herself) ughh just what I need her talking me to death


Sonya opens the the door and tries to hide her hurt with a smirk


Sonya- hey Mrs. Brown, I didn't hear you knock I was napping its a long day.


Mrs Brown smiles as a response and tries to open the screen door, Sonya flicks the switch on the screen door to let her in.


Mrs. Brown- well were you going to let me in? this cake is for you, i come here to clean up.


Sonya tries to grab Mrs. Brown a she proceeds to the front room


Sonya- Oh no, you don't have to do that Mrs. Brown I'm perfectly fine


Mrs. Brown- Well from the looks of it you're not, look like my momma would always tell me don't turn your blessings because its just rude to God, you just go and relax baby i got this.


Sonya was becoming a little aggravated she thought to herself the last thing she needed was an overbearing nosy neighbor around when she was in so much pain.




Mrs. Brown turns around and faces Sonya, she had never heard her yell before like that, she could her the frustration and pain in her voice, she noticed as Sonya grab her stomach and almost loss her balance.  Mrs. Brown hurried to assist her to the couch...Sonya began crying


Mrs. Brown- honey are you okay, you should'nt keep all that pain bottled up inside once you share it, you'll find that it was to much for you , now let me go and get you some water


Sonya grabs the glass and whispers


Sonya- thank you, Its okay he kicked me kinda hard


Mrs. Brown- uh huh boys are quite a challenge to carry, my son use to kick me so much I thought hehad three feet. 


Mrs. Brown grabbed tissue out of her pocket and sat next to Sonya on the couch, and dabbed the tears out her eyes.


Mrs. Brown- let it out child its okay to cry, its when we don't cry that worries the soul, when i lost my husband 10 years ago, the first person I lashed out at was God.


Sonya looked up at her surprised


Sonya- Really Mrs. Brown, how did you survive, what did you do, how did you start from hurting


Mrs. Brown- well you never stop from hurting but you must start by living, a loss from a love one is a terrible thing to experience, but you got this baby you have to be strong for, a part of your husband lives on in him, my son is the splitting image of his dad.


Sonya- but its not the same, it hurts, I don't have a job, I'm pregnant, bills are pilling up, the insurance money will be spend before I get it, I'm just so tired of worrying, crying,  and crying and worrying feels like my world is flip upside down, we went to church together, planned on getting a better place he was up for a promotion, i really wanted to work but he insist i waited til the baby got older, he was always there to protect me and care for me, he was my angel and now he's gone, how could God do this me to us

Sonya begin crying again


Mrs. Brown- hold on to those memories dear, I know,  because sometimes life deals us a bad hand, it doesn't mean you ain't got no play in you left, I was married to that man for 30 years and when I lost my husband, I thought to myself it had might as well been me laying in that casket with him, but see i had to make a decision was I going to let a part of me die with him, or was I going to grab all the memories and time we had live with me, because i had a son grandkids God kept me here for a reason and as much as I had to fight with it my husband time here with me was up.


Stayed tuned for more of this story next week!