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Does Delay mean cancelled

Posted by Floria Comeaux on December 31, 2010 at 12:25 PM


Have you ever arrived at an airport early and checked in only to get told that your flight isdelayed. It happens everyday, if you sit back to observe thebehaviors of people reactions you will notice all react differently. One may read a magazine or a book to kill time, another may pace thefloor anxiously waiting and one may question the authorities. Yetin every aspect each person is trying to reach a destination. Thismade me wondered how we as walk around bumping into walls trying tofigure out if God really heard our prayers. And ask questions like“Why is he taking to long?”, “Or Lord did you hear me?”, orthe ever famous “When will I ever receive a answer?”. Butinstead we should look at this delay differently by saying words like“Lord I know that you will never forsake and I will wait patientlyand continue to build my trust in you” as reminded in Isaiah 40:31“Yet those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; theyshall mount up with wings; they should run, and not be weary; andthey shall walk, and not faint. Well this immediately made merethink all those negative thoughts and instead replace them bystaying in the word believing that when he releases those prayers itwould be at the right time. And not only that he wants to give it toyou at the right time but when you receive it will take you placesover and beyond your wildest dreams. I am so glad to be serving aGod that will not only mold me but he will allow me to grow andtoughen my shell. So be patient and remain in his words and when itstime to take off your flight will soar you places over and beyondyour destination......God Bless and Buckle Up!


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Reply Marisa
12:51 PM on December 31, 2010 
Really like this. Very powerful and true words.
Reply Susan Berger
6:55 PM on March 14, 2011 
I feel you Floria... my faith lifts have come in some many fiery trial! learning my first hard lesson that God can not answer my prayer when I am in the throws of disobedience.. waiting on Him started to get easier when I yielded by faith my trust in allowing what I ask for to be used for His Kingdom, to Glorify Him with what ever I ask for. Those times when I wanted something so bad, and the Lord showed me, as part of His plan for me, TIMING, His time. So times the Lord allowed me to have things that He did not want for me, because it was the only way my desperately wicked and deceitful heart could learn that God had this not in His plan for me! As the Holy Spirit teaches me to align my will with Gods, I have learned a few things that are not in Gods plan for me right now.. a job, a man, an automobile, and relationships. God is teaching me about true thus saith the Lord relationships. Why God teaching me what is not important to His kingdom and saving souls by furthering the Gospel of our salvation! am I learning that this is His will for me! yes, am I patient with that, a little more daily, but first I had to suffer need and realize that, God is God without the job, the car, well, God keeps me moving, the man, well I never felt so complete in the Lord. Question is, is that Godly man ready for this Godly woman, see, sex wont keep me, never did, never will, but the God fearing man who loves God more than me, more than himself and is wholly given in faith to the Lord!, ahhhh, If the Lord has this for me or not, my heart is for Him!, We never stop learning and growing until Christ comes and scoops His bride to be with Him!, So I thank God for these eternal lessons! Psa 27:14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.