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Posted by Floria Comeaux on September 11, 2012 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (0)

   So Fran met with her friends for lunch.  They hadn't really chatted since Pamela got married two years ago now she juggling twins.  Cheryl finally got promoted and met the man of her dreams....small talk and giggles trailed the ladies and a moment of silence hit when above the giggles Pamela blurred to Fran..."So what have you been doing exciting"....Fran paused and thought about the mountain of paperwork she had to face when she got back to the office..stirred around her salad and mentioned...."girl nothing much if I am not working overtime trying to maintain"...The women snickered ...and as they continue to conversate Fran tuned out....then it dawned on her when was the last thing she did anything she really enjoyed....this was the woman who tens years ago sweared she wouldn't become a creaure of habit...however she did....get up, go to work, relax on the weekends maybe hit a few clubs if she felt like dealing with the same crowd...Fran realize that she was walking the same circle for about eleven years...sure she had all the things she wanted...but it had to be more to life then they said their goodbyes that included hugs and kisses Fran headed back to her office...a co-worker yelled "hey how was lunch off the island?"....although a sarcastic quaint question she smiled and said "I had a ball it was and eye opener"...she sat down at her desk to read the sticky notes the read urgent...although this would usually take her into a tailspin...she picked up the phone and called her supervisors went straight to voicemail...she left a message "hi I am leaving early today, I a had a emergency come up, I will be leaving these accounts with  the complaints department"...She grabbed her things and slowly walked out...she got some stirs as she left out...some stood up to see where she was going they had been busy...she seemed to be a relief with swamped calls...she heard one of them ask "Hey Fran are you okay, whats going on you leaving for today"...She responded "well everything is not okay, but I am requesting some days off to handle something thats very important"...she left out and got to her car and began to make a phone call.....(to be continued)

Does Delay mean cancelled

Posted by Floria Comeaux on December 31, 2010 at 12:25 PM Comments comments (2)


Have you ever arrived at an airport early and checked in only to get told that your flight isdelayed. It happens everyday, if you sit back to observe thebehaviors of people reactions you will notice all react differently. One may read a magazine or a book to kill time, another may pace thefloor anxiously waiting and one may question the authorities. Yetin every aspect each person is trying to reach a destination. Thismade me wondered how we as walk around bumping into walls trying tofigure out if God really heard our prayers. And ask questions like“Why is he taking to long?”, “Or Lord did you hear me?”, orthe ever famous “When will I ever receive a answer?”. Butinstead we should look at this delay differently by saying words like“Lord I know that you will never forsake and I will wait patientlyand continue to build my trust in you” as reminded in Isaiah 40:31“Yet those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; theyshall mount up with wings; they should run, and not be weary; andthey shall walk, and not faint. Well this immediately made merethink all those negative thoughts and instead replace them bystaying in the word believing that when he releases those prayers itwould be at the right time. And not only that he wants to give it toyou at the right time but when you receive it will take you placesover and beyond your wildest dreams. I am so glad to be serving aGod that will not only mold me but he will allow me to grow andtoughen my shell. So be patient and remain in his words and when itstime to take off your flight will soar you places over and beyondyour destination......God Bless and Buckle Up!



Posted by Floria Comeaux on December 8, 2010 at 10:28 AM Comments comments (0)

Have you ever thought to consider that the very thing your reaching for and can't seem to get be the very thing God is protecting your heart from? If you are a parent and you were cooking and you saw your toddler reaching to feel on top of the stove the first thing you would do would grab your child to safety and then your next move would be to remove all things of harm out of their way. Well my friend when you think about it that's the very thing God does in most cases because his job is to protect us and keep us from reach of harm's way and he very well will not allow his child to get hurt but sometimes because a toddler cannot see how something that captures his attention so greatly would harm him eventually he will venture back only to get a little nip of heat on his finger tips, and what could a little nip could be a major lesson to the toddler and we all know experience is the best teacher. I say this my friend because this has to be a reminder to us when we do not get that promotion we want,the loan was not approve for that dream house you wanted, that relationship that you have been holding on to but it just cannot seem to get right, or that great job you always wanted and you were sure that the interviewer was certain to pick you...although these things did not come to pass you must still be encouraged because what God has for you it is only for you. I often indulge myself in 1 Corinthians 2:9 However it is written “No eye has seen, no ear have heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him”. So I tell you this in closing everything you are going through was aloud by God so that he could bring you to a place to trust him and prepare you for a much greater blessing he has in store, your life was already planned out and in your future because you continued to trust and love him and just like a parent when everything is done and the meal is set before you to enjoy you will see that it was well worth the wait and while you were trying to reach in the pot prematurely you learned how to get this disappointed and hurt and you took it in as a life lesson so its best to wait on God for guidance because he will never fell you nor forsake you.....God Bless